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artpropelled: Monkeybiz Beaded animals made in South Africa

Beaded animals @Carol Van De Maele Bjornestad Bead Project, Cape, South Africa.

granny's such a deer! crochet 'trophy' by South African designer Magda van der Vloed


beaded elephant made in South Africa

Wooden animals collection from recycled materials by Re:Something

Rainbow leopard shark pencil case. Chomp!

amazing zulu basket :: "South Africa is famous for its tightly woven Zulu baskets. These hand woven African baskets are a true art form and are functional, beautiful and decorative as well as a testament to fine weaving skills. Zulu baskets are considered some of the most collectable baskets in the world. Master Zulu weavers are published and collected worldwide."

Local bead work in South Africa.

Leaf Fish

DIY sock monkey

Jane Oliver

Sock Monkey Tutorial

obsessed with this style of wall-hanging. what's this method called? where can I find more? need. (this one belongs to beatrice valenzuela's lucky daughter astrid)

Ahir Embroidered Bag, Anjar Region, Kutch, Gujarat, India

paper mache animal helmets

These papier mache monkeys and birds are so cute! Spotted at Li'l Magoolie, who found them at Polka Dot Sundays (an Etsy store)

She makes amazing stuffed animals from vintage clothing. Museum-quality pieces. Also the occasional tutorial.

Paper Mache