Hang things on your brick without drilling a hole.

Brick Clips - I finally know where to get them! Ace Hardware

Brick edging for your flower beds

Hanging Items On a Brick Wall Using a Binder Clip-awesome, the craft show im going to has a brick wall I'm up against!

use thumbtacks on the back of things you are painting so they dont dry and stick to the surface!

When hanging a picture, put toothpaste on the frame where the nail needs to be, press it against the wall and voila! Put the nail there and hang

PVC Drill Holder. Got tired of losing your drills or power tools in the garage? PVC pipes can solve that problem. http://hative.com/clever-garage-storage-and-organization-ideas/

Wow i'm saving all my poor quality broken lamps and making solar lamp turn them into somethimg awesome

DIY Fridge Mats Ideas- take out the plastic placemat and cleaning becomes a breeze!

Solo Drywall Hanging: Use this #DIY tip to hang #drywall by yourself

Old door knobs to hang towels in your house or to hang any thing. Practical and pretty!.

Faux Brick edging with solar lighting built in

Paint an old frame and hang around light switch

DIY::Forget painting brick! This is a great tutorial for how to stain it and give it a much cleaner, classy look

Each chair cost five bucks and took 30 min to make! Shows you how to build a set of bunk beds, tables, etc. EASY to do. fire pit chairs

Made with 3 cheap mirrors. I need to make this! Tylar my daughter needs this so can have my mirror back!

Outdoor hanging chair out of pallet wood

What a great idea! I always throw that plastic clip hangers away because I don't like them. What a great new use for them.

DIY whitewashed brick and painted brass fireplace! East Coast Creative: Brass Fireplace Update

LOVE these curb appeal ideas! Lots of before and after photos.

great resource-how to hang things on brick or sheetrock and how to repair afterwards