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Be kind.Work hard. Stay humble. Smile often. Stay loyal.Keep honest. Travel when possible.Never stop.Learning. Be thankful always. And most important love.

Tell the truth and RUN! #quotes #deepthoughts

where will you draw your line?! If you don't know now you will know when you hit it. We teach people how to treat us by what we allow.

The first person I thought of was V.... He is so free and larger than life... It's magnetic...

Things can change. Yep. Now I'm mean,disingenuous, and ready to call bullshit. There will be no more thoughtfulness, complements and caring. Just vengeance towards men in general. I will be constantly nagging, questioning whereabouts, and money hungry. Men apparently like that shit, and if they don't too bad. Truth About Dumb Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quote Print by Sara Eshak - ain't nobody got time for that chalkboard art on floral background

Quality over quantity, I have zero problems with just ending up with a handful of women that are truly worth it, even now my visual schema of women has changed, I now find women who I once thought attractive to be a reflection on my poor eyesight, so yes I did not plan for more than seven women but I am forced to accept more based on my contract with G.

all you need is less. by living simply, we are living effectively, happily, + creating less of an impact on earth.

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