Don't forget President's Day! It's on Monday. You could make a pretzel log cabin to mark the occasion. Click for directions, plus 16 more cool ideas!

5th grade projects for Native American Unit...LOVE IT

Presidents Day Craft. Abraham Lincoln Log cabin, made from Gingerbread house (After Christmas clearance) + Pretzel sticks and Chocolate Frosting.

pretzel log cabin...I can't wait for February to get here so I can try this with Presidents Day!

craft stick log cabin tutorial

craft - BONES!!!

Classroom Freebies: Lincoln's Skip Counted Log Cabin

cute bird house made of wine corks

Science for Kids: Learn how to grow crystals overnight using Epsom salts.

log cabin

LOVE THIS idea instead of Graham Cracker Christmas Houses at school FROM: WORTH PINNING: Decorated Pretzel Cabins

Build your own cabin in the woods out of craft sticks and glue.

help kids study important people, i.e. presidents. this is genius! I still remember every character from guess who

31 Amazing Gingerbread House Ideas | Shari's Berries Blog

Little House on the Prairie House made out of popsicle sticks - complete with ladder and loft. From dee*construction.

Pioneer Crafts

Presidential Powdered Wig

Tortilla teepees. I made these every year with my class. Cut tortilla in half. Paint with food colors. Wrap into shape and adhere with toothpick. Stick pretzel sticks int frosting and insert int top opening.

A collection of fun activities for you and your child to enjoy celebrating President's Day!