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  • Joana Pinto

    less but better :)

  • Jean Louis David

    Simplicity is key. #jeanlouisdavid #girl #fashion #city #sexy #loveit #trendy #musthave #spirit #energy #city #style Inspiration Jean Louis David

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As a boss now, plus 10 years of employee experience, I can assure you this is entirely correct.

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  • Mr. Charles the Librarian

    "biologist in training" then. I admit calling myself a biologist was disingenuous. Regardless I dedicate my life to the study of biology and have spent many years researching in detail the theory of evolution.

  • Created2 live4Him

    Evolution is the best "supported" scientific T-H-E-O-R-Y to date by EVOLUTIONISTS for evolutionists. Evolution can not be proven. But I thank you for your resources. I will look into them. I have no problem. After reading them, I will see if I my views remain the same or they change. Either way, whatever new information I receive, I'll take it to base my own conclusions. Have a blessed life :)

  • Mr. Charles the Librarian

    "Finish school and consider not only your point of views, but all the others you will oppose. You'll find that you'll learn and be better prepared to debate." /// My current education level has nothing to do with the points I've made or the sources I've listed regarding evolution. I've done my research on the topic. There are no "opposing viewpoints" Evolution has yet to be refuted.

  • Mr. Charles the Librarian

    The fact that you outlined "Theory" as if a scientific theory is synonymous with a best guess shows you even lack basic understanding of how science works. Evolution is one of the best supported scientific theories in all of the scientific community and it has been proven. Read the sources I sent you.

  • Mr. Charles the Librarian

    "Evolution is the best "supported" scientific T-H-E-O-R-Y to date by EVOLUTIONISTS for evolutionists." /// and yet nobody has refuted it... hmmm. I'm guessing you are a creationist, Let me guess, you probably also believe humans lived amongst dinosaurs, too?

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Always strive to be a better person!!

  • Laura Michelle

    Love this quote, just pinned it! Thanks for sharing it :) I am in a fun health and fitness group on Facebook where we share tons of great recipes, workouts, and nutrition tips. I would love to add you if you would be interested. Let me know, or send me a friend request. My link is in my bio :) Thanks!

Per our friends at Give a Shit about Nature: Random Quotes Of The Day. This is so true! It's good to keep this in mind each and every day!

I totally feel like this sometimes - and right now, my kids hate it. But, hopefully someday they will realize that we do what we do because we love them and want to keep them safe.


    So True..Be a Parent!! Tough Love!!!!!!

  • Andrea Bell {tapestri}

    I have a friend who is actually trained in psychology and is the most brilliant mom I know.. and this is what she has to say about this little ditty, which I TOTALLY agree with. I think it's an important read. http://www.i-school-at-home...

  • Jenni Tarr

    I am so thankful for my parents caring the way they did. they will realize it one day, that they will be ever so thankful that someone cared so much about them and their well being.

  • Emily T.

    This sign makes me so sad. How about this instead?! : My promise to my children. I am your friend. I am your mom. I will protect you, listen to you, respect you, support you, be your strongest advocate & give you wings to fly when you are ready because I LOVE YOU. You will never find someone who loves, prays, and cares about you more than I do.

  • Andrea Bell {tapestri}

    I agree Emily! I have one son who is just difficult. Has been since day one. The day I stopped fighting him on everything in the name of teaching him a lesson and started looking at the world through his eyes and being compassionate, everything changed for the better in our relationship. We don't treat adult people without respect, why on earth would we want to treat, and model that behavior for our kids?!

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There's a better yes down the road.

You're lucky if you have one true friend, so I must be really blessed because I have a several of them

Try again. Fail. Again. Fail Better - Samuel Beckett

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