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    All you need are a few - pavers, landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery.

    The Camoux Planter is slender and sleek; a perfect fit for long narrow spaces. It’s also an ideal solution for defining a space. Simply plant grasses, yucca heads, or sanseveria plants for a contemporary look. It can also be used as the ultimate privacy screen for balconies or anywhere you’d like to create a secluded space.

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    DIY- You can buy 5 slate, or limestone, or travertine tiles for about a dollar or two each and glue them together into cube planter boxes.

    DIY concrete planter box

    DIY garden path - Take a multi picture frame and fill with cement.

    OHHHHH! Thats how they do it! GREAT directions for making your own hanging planter.

    How to grow tomatoes upside down

    concrete planter DIY

    Concrete Mini Planter

    DIY concrete planter! The easiest and cheapest version I've found. You can reuse the same tote as a mold. Brilliant.

    DIY concrete pavers looking like flagstone. Love this for our back/side yard where I want to do a hard scape.

    DIY Glow In The Dark Planters: This photo is circulating the internet saying it's glow in the dark when IT'S NOT! Read what we discovered here!

    Burlap Sack Flower Planter Made of Concrete. Measures 15"Dia. x 18"H. $143.00

    DIY Concrete block planters

    fast steps. fill with cement+little rocks

    Wish I would have know this trick over 4 years ago. It would have saved countless hours of taking sod out & would have produced healthy soil also! Put cardboard & compost over grass in fall & by spring... you have healthy beds to plant in!

    Plastic Halloween masks make nice cheap molds. Look for ones without any undercuts and that are fairly rigid. Make up a sand bed with clean moist sand _ if you can pick up a handful and squeeze it, it should stay together. Cover the eye, nose, and any other holes in the mask. Before you place the mask in the sand bed - coat it with some 10w engine oil. Get the cheapest stuff you can. Don't put too much on or it will make pits in the surface. Pack the sand around and under the mask to make sure it holds its shape. Mix some hypertufa and carefully pack it into the mask. You will have to wait patiently for a couple of days for the hypertufa to cure. You should be sure that it is kept damp during the curing time. Once it has cured remove it from the mold and use it to form the front of your Pot-Head. Maybe you could get some sort of Styrofoam container that you could cut a piece out of and fill the gap with your face casting. Then just use the hypertufa as a glue and filler to cover the container and to holes the casting into place.

    Succulent Garden With Textured Concrete Planter

    I did this because there is no digging in my rock solid ground. Did not cover the holes but use them for herbs and annuals. I also lined with weed barrier cloth and used rebar in several places for stability. I love it and makes maintenence super easy.