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Garden Trends: Woody Plants in Containers


"10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air" - good for when we can't open up the windows with all the rain and humidity :)))

Freunde von Freundenfrom Freunde von Freunden

Marcela Gutiérrez & Miquel Polidano

Freunde von Freunden

Quadrant Plant Stand with Four Planters (C)... sadly to buy these 3 stands and 12 planters at the store would set one back about 800$. I'm thinking these could easily be made.

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Top 10 Air Purifying House Plants

Plants take in benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, the 3 most harmful indoor toxins, and in turn produces clean air for us to breath. Adding the right house plants to your home is an easy way to help keep your air clean.


go green with Granit

Greens. Via my unfinished home

Okay, I wanna make these. Cement plant pots from milk cartons as molds, then painted. Would like to paint the bottom in turquoise or with an accent stripe...or dots... If I could make them small enough, I could like a windowsill with them.