document where you've traveled.


I love this cut into the shape of the state they were taken in :) a goal to travel together!

Shortest route to both U.S. coasts through all 48 states. I will do this trip one day!

Bag made out of a towel BEST DIY

stitched map - Anne Biss Check this womans site out. Too cool.

Map-cut pictures to the shape of the state that you were in and glue them to a map if the US.

Simply wonderful "how-to-crochet" tutorials. The author uses a lot of photos and is great at explaining techniques. If you've ever wanted to learn how to crochet, here you go!

If I can teach myself to embroider, I'm going to make this for A's room because of her daddy.

for the home...embroidered feather pillow

Cross Stitch World Map (15 Creative Ways to Keep Track of Your Travels).

photos from each state they visited glued onto a giant map and cut to fit the shape of the state.

Finally, a how-to for this! Obviously my last choice on earth would be Columbus, but still a really good tutorial!

DIY String Map Art

This poetry for when you’re feeling a little stressed. | 26 Bold Cross Stitches You Need For Your Home

Hand-stitch the route you took on a vacation

DIY: sheaf filling stitch #Embroidery

state heart

travel journal to make

Coastal Shadow Box

Create magnets or puzzles out of old maps for your students to learn geography from BrightNest | 2X4: Four Ways to Reuse Old Maps