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The tiny gatekeeper's cottage pictured sits at the entrance to an English manor house. I wouldn't mind living in this cozy cottage!

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little stone cottage

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Tiny homes, tiny homes - love this tiny cottage in the woods. Photography by Mike Scott Photos

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Light house style tiny home

WebEcoistfrom WebEcoist

Fairytale Abodes: 15 Tiny Storybook Cottages


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Who wouldn’t want to live in an old rectory in the English countryside? This old groundkeeper’s cottage is now a private home, still adjacent to the old cemetery with which it was once associated.

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5 Little Houses and a Lovely Yellow Cottage | Tiny House Pins

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retrofotografen - Bloggar

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tiny cottage in the garden

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bogdan tiny cabin in the woods 1 450x600 I Haz a Tiny Cabin in the Woods!

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Tiny house.

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tiny house

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Victorian-era jewel near Edinburgh, Scotland

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tiny house




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tiny house...

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Sweet cottage in Castle Combe, England. (****See Pin with no flowers on vine and Pin showing mirror image of this Pin.)