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    People Footwear - Inspiration - Tonight I'm Swimming To My Favourite Island

    Always Stay Curious #westcoast #westcoastlifestyle #quote #inspiration #curiosity #qotd #thought #wisdom #curious #dedication #determination


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    If Not Now, When...

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    In a house by the SEA...good saying for a beach house pallet sign!!

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    "It is beautiful to love and to be free at the same time." #freedom #quote

    yes you.

    {slow the world down}

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    You Wonderful Thing You


    A free spirit is NOT a stereotype. There is no freedom in that. Don't attach too long, or at all, to what society suggests a free spirit is. A true free spirit knows it's everyone's birth right to express themselves as they choose. A true free spirit is divine love finding expression in an infinite variety of ways through all living things. That includes you and me. Know this and you are free, born to be free. Free to be your own kind of free spirit. WE ARE ALL FREE SPIRITS!

    After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh. - Mr. Big