chalk on sidewalk

thejogging: Occupy Parking Lots (with Persian Rugs), 2012 Installation View, Dimensions Variable ⧗

Urban Lace. The Softer Side Of Street Art.

sidewalk chalk done right.

Polish Artist Covers City Streets In Intricate Lace Patterns » It's all so pretty. I could handle seeing more of this around my world. Is she my long lost cousin? hee!

DIY Home

stump stools. cool outdoor seating.. just use outdoor fabric for covers and don't worry about rushing to get them in from a rain shower!

Side View Fos Vegan Restauran in Madrid Features an Exciting Ephemeral Installation


Beautifully hand-painted "rug" on this concrete floor by @Caroline Lizarraga Decorative Artist using Royal Design Studio wall stencils (Lisboa Tile Stencil) on concrete floor. - Catherine Nguyen Photography

Punch Up Color

wooden bear rug

Bird Cage Decor

Stained Glass Greenhouse

Make your own custom rug out of any fabric you love from the craft store!

Tradition Hungarian patterns

Outdoor tic tac toe

Street art, Naples

who thinks of thses things!! Upside down table for a toddler bed or dog bed - very smart!

#Banksy Flower Bomber #streetart #mrjohn

Moroccan crockery