Ladder for loft

Stunning light in this living room loft space. The brown leather and cow hide rug make the room attractively masculine.

Hello, high ceilings and gorgeousness!

mellow yellow couch situation - patchwork de cadres et de tableaux aux murs - canapés vintage jaune moutarde

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big library in a loft

ultimate urban space

I spy an 1) Eat These Things Poster, 2) Tiny Birch House, 3) Golden Scales Tumbler, 4) Strawberry Shortcake Print, 5) Terracotta Plate, and more goodies! Come check them out at

this photo is of a shop, but how fabulous as a living space inspiration! love all the knitted textures!!

This would be a GREAT guest bedroom idea for our New Orleans home. We are always looking for room to put more people. :)

Great idea for a bedroom!! It is raised and private without completely walling of the space (keeps it open) and allows for it to be standing space instead of only crawl space. Many storage underneath? A low, den like sitting area for movies or similar? Desk space?

coffee stained cashmere


8 of the Loveliest Modern Loft Beds How to have more beds in a small space. The closet is underneath the loft bed.

Home offices from a great height - Pure and peaceful. An attic office that is the perfect escape


wabi sabi cottage

Absolutely loving this color palette and all of this gorgeous texture!

lofted space for a home office!