For sure! All the research in the world is irrelevant if you don't do anything with it! #dailymotivation #inspiration #quote #stopthinking #startdoing #motivation

Typography / you can do anything but not everything.

@Mary Esch ..."Embrace your weirdness". You used to tell me this! <3 you!!

make mistakes and keep going. you'll get there.



don't even have a B game -- @Sierra Hannough

Hahhahahahahahahha wish I knew this quote earlier, I'd have used it a lot more! I DEFINITELY am an acquired taste.....

Too Busy Feeling Feelings and overthin king about it.

kindness -


lol true

.Made of flaws

A good reminder

ask yourself..

I may be quiet, but I have so much on my mind. #Quotes #Daily #Inspirational

enjoy today.

the only constant is change - Isaac Asimov took me most of my life to understand and accept this truth.

un due tre ilaria WEEK-END QUOTE