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ok i have a huge crush on zac efron - SO WHAT?

Zac Efron looking good,as always, in the red carpet for The Lucky One showing. #celebrities #redcarpet #fashion

Love the hair...can my son's hair look like this?

Zac Efrom- Yes I know how young he is, no I don't care!

It is heartening to see young stars today taking a strong stand. Now, help me out here. Is this Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?

Zac Efron - not a huge fan of his early work *coughhighschoolmusicalsuckscough* but he's pretty darn attractive, I'll give him that.

Helloooo Nurse! Zac Effron :)

too hot for his own good! @kelci mackey if you have a picture of him i figured it would be ok if i did

oh zac. sometimes you're really annoying and look like a woman....and then sometimes you look like this.

I'm absolutely in love with Zac Efron! ♥