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bloomery diagram

The polished surface of the Wootz ingot we made 6-15-13. Using bloomery iron we smelted last year.

This guy found iron ore, smelted it, and forged a knife in a forge he made. (And he likes metal. I should probably marry him.)

Spark chart

How to melt soda cans and make stuff.

Lost Foam Metal Casting Tutorial excellent info!

How to make coal for your forge

Metal Casting at Home Part 21 Core Mould Making Casting Machining

"Corkscrew" Wrought Iron Candlestick. Single piece of iron flat stock with a point at one end and spiraled to a right angle handle at top. Inside spiral is a decorative tab handled plug to support and raise the candle. Mounted into a turned wood base. 8 1/2"h

Mixing greensand -- used for negative casting

Home forge lined with clay and with a tuyere made out of a steel pipe with multiple holes drilled in it.

If a tree falls in the woods, Make Charcoal. How-to

Blacksmithing: How to Get Started

Antique guide to axe head types. This is an interesting reference.

Another fantastic article about building your own gas forge without the use of another forge or a welder.

How to carve smooth shapes and create texture in Styrofoam - FAB Tutorial!!

temperature charts for "how hot is your piece of metal" (in Celsius)

Knife outta nothing on deviantART

Smelter Process | Iron Ore Smelting Process

Lost Foam Metal Casting Primer

Lost Wax Make a Mold