• Bawlf Now

    Not a feather pillow - Deer Totem, West Taïga, Mongolia, 2006 © Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

  • Paris Ding Stern

    Nap time with White Reindeer - Mongolia

  • Patrick Nouhailler

    Mongolian Nomad Boy, sleeping with the reindeer photo by hamid sardar

  • LM C.

    Nomad boy in Mongolia sleeping with reindeers.

  • Elif D.

    The Dukha are a Tuvan-Turkic tribe that lives on the border of Mongolia and Russia, and they are best known as reindeer herders. But their connection with animals extends far beyond reindeer. Photographer Hamid Sardar Afkhami traveled to the Khovsgol province of Mongolia to take pictures of the few Dukha families that remain: there are only a few hundred people within 44 families left.

  • Ayesha Dar

    Mongolian Kids With Their Pets !! (4) | #world #travel #people #places #Mongolia

  • Tami Corbat Munchbach

    As it should be... The appearance of these White Animals heralds a time of great urgency for the Earth and Humanity as a whole. It is said that the appearance of such unusually coloured animals is a sign; an omen calling for us to unite as a People and walk as One; to see past the colour of our neighbours skin or the ancestry of their people and to come together and embrace them as brothers, sisters and all-related children of the Earth Mother.

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