• Joanne Dannenhoffer

    Free Iphone app as my version of a personal trainer kicking me into shape!

  • BeniComp

    Are you a couch potato, but want to get up and moving? This FREE app called "Couch to 5K" is designed for you! Check out more health and fitness apps here: https://www.PulseOS.com/blog/beginner/64-best-health-and-fitness-apps/

  • Virginia Burns

    I am going to be a runner!! C25K Free App- You can find it on iTunes- Let's you listen to your own music and tells you when to walk or run!! Great Training!! http://www.exerciseforpink.com

  • Just A Murmur

    c25kfree app Couch Potato to 5k in 9 Weeks!

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Pretty much the only blog I actually follow daily... Runs for Cookies. So inspiring! Because of her, I started running in Jan 2012. I've completed C25K and run two 5K races since then.

4/8/12 - C25K Day 1; barefoot running (wore my Merrell Pace Gloves - not quite barefoot yet :) ); 2.1miles (29:00)

wish it was all on one page... but this is a walking workout. THANK YOU.. because i WISH i could run but i'm not there yet lol. c25k round two, coming soon!

Why the thought C25K persists in my head even when I've fallen off the bandwagon. One day...

C25K You Can Do It! Watch this video for inspiration

running for absolute beginners (this will get me up to Day1 of C25K!)

Thanks to @C25K for helping me on my journey

c25k, zen labs - Google Search

Best app for C25K

more beginner than C25k.

C25K motivation

Zen Labs - C25K

Zen Labs - C25K

C25K training



couch 2 5k schedule.

Free Couch-2-5k MP3 downloads (music and voice prompts)

Skinny Don't Fix Ugly: One Hour Runner Program. Now that I am done with Couch 2 5K, I need a new goal!

Couch 2 5k visual

beginners running program. similar to couch-2-5k

Couch 2 5k running plan app. Goal is to do the Panther Prowl 5k in October

couch 2 5k

Couch 2 5K!

C25K--If I can do this, anybody can! And I hated running...until now!!! (CW) I think I actually might do this..shocking!