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A scary true story about a young woman whose therapist manipulates her and basically takes over her life....interesting.

10 Absolutely Incredible Women In Historical Fiction

Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob, narrates this novel, explaining how the women of her family had their own religious practices that ran counter to the beliefs the men upheld. Through Dinah's voice, this novel imagines the women's stories that the Bible doesn't tell. To call it provocative and rebellious is an understatement; it pushes against patriarchy and suggests an ancient and empowering role for women and women's sexuality.

Another book worth reading but Tracy Chevalier: Remarkable Creatures. Any fan of Jane Austen should check this out, all the charm without the focus being on the love story.(ill have to check it out)

Memoirs of a Geisha: A Novel / Arthur Golden #books #bookstore

I Thought It Was Just Me Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in A Culture of Shame Brown, Brené. I was first introduced to Brown via her powerful TED talk on vulnerability. This book really hits home - in a helpful way.

The 11 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2011

Incognito a fascinating, dynamic, faceted look under the hood of the conscious mind to reveal the complex machinery of the subconscious. Equal parts entertaining and illuminating, the book’s case studies, examples, and insight are more than mere talking points to impressed at the next dinner party, poised instead to radically shift your understanding of the world, other people, and your own mind. Source brain Pickings

26 Very Important Nonfiction Books You Should Be Reading

<a href="" target="_blank"><i>Smoke Gets in Your Eyes</i> by Caitlin Doughty</a>

I read this whole book in one evening. A-MA-ZING. The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future