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  • Beth Saunders

    Cool FREE website you can use to help your friends coordinate when to take a meal to a family in need! My friend used this when her friend had twins! Great idea!!

  • Lauren Harrelson

    Take Them A Meal - such a great idea for a new mom, friends in a bad way, etc.

  • Kellie Underwood

    Food Ideas for others

  • Ellie Cooke

    Great idea. Ideas for taking meals to someone who is ill, elderly, death in the family, or for more joyous occasions like a new baby.

  • Angeline Crowder

    Meal Inspiration . . . Simple and quick recipes to take to someone in need. These recipes have been submitted by users, and tested by our team. What a great idea!

  • Jessica @ My Ardent Life

    website dedicated to prepping meals for others, coordinating meals, recipes and food tips.

  • Kitty Softpaws
    • 3 years ago

    I love this site. I use it when coordinating meals to be delivered to moms that just had a baby. It makes sign ups so easy for everyone.

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Feeding new moms... good tips. Avoid: garlic, spicy, beans, sausage or other potentially gas or tummy troubles-creating foods (might not bother her but could cause colic which is the closest thing to hell on earth). Things that can be frozen or double as healthy breakfast/snacks like fruit, yogurt, muffins, nuts & ham are great!

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