Coconut Chicken. TASTY

Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers

Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers (Our Best Bites Cookbook) uses 1 cup sweetened coconut flakes, panko bread crumbs, 12 chicken tenders,

Пальчики из свинины с черносливом

Our best bites - crispy coconut chicken fingers. Even my chicken-hater liked these :)

Crunchy Coconut Chicken.1chicken breast diced, 2 C corn flakes, crushed,1/2 C flaked coconut,1/2 tsp ginger,1/2 tsp salt,1/4 tsp pepper,1 lrg egg,1 T milk.Mix corn flakes, coconut,ginger,salt Beat egg in separate bowl. Dip chix in egg mixture then corn flake mixture. Put on prepared baking sheet. Bake for 12-14 min @ 375* Servie w/Honey mustard dipping sauce.

Coconut Chicken Fingers

Crunchy Coconut Chicken - Budget Gourmet Mom - 1 chicken breast, cut into bites 2 cups corn flakes, crushed cup flaked coconut teaspoon ground ginger (you certainly add more for a bit more heat) teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper 1 large egg 1 tablespoon milk

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken Recipe: To make low carb use coconut flour instead of reg. flour, almond flour instead of panko bread crumbs and use the un-sweetened coconut flakes plus 3 tsp. of Splenda or other sugar free sweetener. For the sauce I would replace the SF apricot preserves for a variety of SF berry preserves.

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken

Six Sisters' Stuff: Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Apricot Sauce. Just made this tonight. Added shiracha and soy sauce to the egg and a lil mustard to dipping sauce.

Coconut chicken tenders recipe

Coconut Chicken Tenders with Honey Marmalade Dipping Sauce

Coconut Chicken tenders with Honey Marmalade Dipping Sauce Recipe: cup of honey of marmalade Directions: In a small bowl, add honey and marmalade. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir everything until well mixed and serve with coconut chicken tenders.

Chik Fil A knock off nuggets

Copy Cat Chick Fil-A Nuggets Sweet Chicky Nuggets 2 skinless and boneless chicken breasts 1 cup milk 1 egg 1 cups flour 2 TBSP powdered sugar 2 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper peanut oil (is best) or canola oil

Homemade Chik-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets / Six Sisters' Stuff | Six Sisters' Stuff

Homemade Chik-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Homemade Chik-Fil-A Nuggets- Want to eat out less? Make your favorite foods at home, like these Homemade Chik-Fil-A Nuggets! They taste just like the real deal, and cost a whole lot less!

Crunchy Coconut Chicken Fingers with Peach Honey Mustard

Crunchy Coconut Chicken Fingers with Peach Honey Mustard

RECIPE: Crunchy coconut chicken fingers with peach honey mustard Very much a summer meal, great for Summer Soltace! serve up with your favorite pasta salad n baked pineapple for desert!

Super Easy Baked Mac-n-Cheese.

Super Easy Baked Mac-n-Cheese.

Honey Sesame Chicken - Made 8-23-15 - It is really awesome! Maybe add veggies next time!

Honey Sesame Chicken

Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken Very good - tasted more like soy sauce than honey though.use more honey and less soy sauce if you want true honey sesame chicken!