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Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Lots of fun to make these two color tiger moths this morning!

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Enjoying an early morning printing session with this new bluejay scene I finished carving yesterday! Looking forward to a busy design workday and ticking the boxes on my to-do list. | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Ermahgerd yes! Linocuts... where have you been all my life (since August...)

lino print - So perfectly Pisces, from the scale to the color and the subject matter.

'Corcaigh' by Australian artist & printmaker Anita Laurence (b.1963). Linocut, edition of 40, 56 x 42 cm. via the artist's site

Beautiful lino cut print of 9 vintage cameras

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Work in progress linocut keyblock carving. Hoping to get the other half done by the end of the week and start on the color blocks. | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

BRYN PERROTT aka deerjerk: Deer & Owl 2013 I seriously want her to design an owl for me ♥

Linocut Hand Printed card - Hello. $6.00, via Etsy. Great inspiration! Simple technique, but really great work.

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | It has been a busy few days but I am happy to be stepping away from the computer and carving this dala horse design this morning! Really enjoying these folk themes! | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Carve your own stamp from a drawing or print out to create a beautiful envelope address or return label. Link to book with tutorial for making your own diy stamps! #bird #ink #packaging

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat)'s Instagram photos | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Hand pulled linocut print Limited edition of 90 Titled, numbered and signed14 x 18" unframed Printed on handcrafted 130gsm cotton paper with seafoam, emerald, olive and turquoise rubber-based inks and 4 hand carved linoleum blocks Acid free, chlorine free archival print Slight variations in ink saturation is part of the linocut process and guarantees that each print is absolutely unique.

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Emma + Paul’s Floral Block Printed Wedding Invitations

Linocut Bear 8 x 10 print by WeThinkSmall on Etsy- kids can make prints with recycled Styrofoam

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Always a great feeling to finish carving the blocks to a series of designs! Looking forward to printing a small edition of this crow in black and gold on mulberry paper along with the others in the set! Love to ink•print•repeat! | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Victorian Townhouse lino print. This linocut print would look fantastic on your wall or would make a super gift. by Ellie on Etsy

Lines Across: Color Theory: Red

Holy cow -- this Big Monthly Planner is actually quite big! This Big Monthly Planner is sized at 12x17" and comes with 28 pages which lets you plan up to 14 months! Due to the size: the planner is quite spacious, and it's perfect for scheduling appointments. It's also quite handy to be used a group planner for company events, dormitory events, club events and so much more! There's actually more sizes available at in case you need something smaller!


TLV Birdie Portraits - Makeup Fun Project

In The Woods by Furry Little Peach Finished painting & progress shot (Adding final details) Come find me on Instagram

Paper bird sculpture -- based on a bird in the show.. This would require a lot of prep and not sure how it would relate to prints.. but this would be REALLY cool for someone to display in their home.

Showing just the head (because the rest is just so generic!!)