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  • Natasha Quillen

    "Water Fight! You definitely need the right tools, however so what are our options? 1. Water guns. They break, only hold a little water and that is if you can get water in them – they seem impossible to fill! 2. Hoses. They flood the grass, waste water and get you SOAKED. 3. SQUIRT bottle. Now you’re talkin’!"

  • Lindsey

    water fun

  • Rachel Sykes

    THE Cutest Water Fight Ever.- water bottle spray fight

  • Cat Stropolo

    Host a COOL Backyard Water Park | How Does She

  • Kendra Nielson

    Summer water fight using simple personalized squirt bottles.

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Wet N Wild Games No. 3 Splash and score! See if you can hit the water balloon with out getting wet.... It's basically impossible!

Games: The cup race: balance a cup of water on your head while trying to walk as fast as possible to the finish line.

Wild & Wacky Water Games for summertime fun

Place a tarp under or at the bottom of slide, set up sprinkler to keep slide and tarp wet...hours of water fun!

fill cup with squirt bottle till ball floats. fill bucket with sponge. ice cube until it melts. sponge duck duck splash. .

Sponge Toss Each player gets a small bucket filled with water, and a big car wash sponge. Players stand about 8 feet apart with their buckets on the ground directly in front of them. Each player tries to throw her wet sponge into the other's bucket (and splash the other player, of course!).

Make a Splash. Free outdoor activity. Who ever ends up with the most water in their cup after 3 jumps wins.