One of the pages in the Reasons and Evidence Unit by The Teacher Next door. Great practice with comprehension as well as citing evidence. $

text evidence with little ones

Text evidence

Good Readers...

Show me the evidence...

The Teaching Thief: Getting Started with Metacognition

Anchor chart for using evidence based terms. Great for preparing students for Common Core

Teaching Text Structure- Anchor Chart

Hello Literacy: Common Core Reading Standard 1 - Text Based Evidence & Motivating Generation Z To "Cite Specific Textual Evidence"

Summarizing Like a Superhero! anchor chart

Reading Comprehension Passages for Every Grade- Lots of Nonfiction! Can extend to add other response questions - ie. main idea, supporting details….good homework or morning work option…

Within, Beyond, About: 20 Reflective Questions To Help Students Respond To Common Core Texts

교과 관련 학습을 하면서 의문나는 점이나 자신의 생각을 발표하는 방법이 잘 나와있다!

retelling anchor chart

Reader Response Prompts

Common Core Paragraph Writing - Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link - PEEL

text evidence foldable

Label chart

Reading Foldable- a summary of the story character traits for two characters (with supporting evidence) setting (both place and time - inferred from the story) a reflection based on the question, "How did the main character's feelings change throughout the story?" (they also had to include supporting evidence from the text).

Metacognition - thinking about thinking