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  • Kara LeDuc

    This is a cover photo of a book called "Entwined". It's based off the fairy tale Twelve Dancing Princesses and its a REALLY great book :) Highly Recommended

  • ♡Maddie Kelly♡

    Yellow Brick Road to the castle

  • Maria C.

    Dreaming of being a princess who lives in a beautiful castle with wonderful gardens?

  • thenelyn slee

    Fairy tale idea; or something like Alice in Wonderland, maybe...?

  • Brittany Van Den Top

    Love this picture... The dress, the castle... what's not to love!

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Who knew that the home she ran from years ago, she would be running to for safety. Only the marble of the walls, and the gold of the throne could protect her from the dark that chased her. -VR

fairy tale...once upon a time she is awaiting an ending.......

Model: Cece Yost | Photographer: Jamie Beck | Set Design & Styling: Kelly Framel | Hair: Bethany Brill | Makeup: Porsche Cooper

Илларионова Надежда Владимировна Шарль Перро Мальчик с пальчик Ослиная шкура 097 by n.illarionova, via Flickr

Inspired! I want to make a snow white in her glass box!! Repaint a barbie and dress her......make it gothic tho!

I believe I will have to have a "Fairy Tale" shoot in my wedding gown :)

Fairy Tale Forest entance. I would love to go there.

The fairy tree. We had a fairy tree, probably several but one stood out as such, in Llano at Ashling.

Life has knocked me down a few times. It has shown me things I never wanted to see. I have experienced sadness and failures. But one thing is for sure. I Always get up!

I love Vogue. They don't even try to sell things--they just have fun being creative.