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Somebody better show my future husband my wedding board in Pinterest so he knows how to do it right :)

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Today I’m feeling sentimental. Actually, if you know me, you know that’s a pretty regular occurrence. What is my sappy, romancy heart feeling today?

Not "officially" engaged yet ;)-

Due to this I felt leery of starting a "wedding" board even after I was engaged for fear everyone would just assume I was planning a non-existent wedding, haha.

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aaron+judith surprise justin bieber wedding dance performance on Vimeo

Best use of a Justin Bieber song. SERIOUSLY MUST WATCH. This is the cutest thing ever. Not saying i need the justin bieber, but I want my reception to be this much fun!

An app so you can see what ring looks good on your finger

Virtually Try on Rings With Your Smartphone! Wish their was a way to try on the perfect wedding ring you found in the magazine? You can virtually try on rings thanks to BC Clark Jewelers.

Whose Line...I miss that show so excited for it to come back in JULY!!! Hope its good with the new host

Things you can say to your dog, but not your girlfriend. One of my all-time favorite shows.


Free and Funny Apology Ecard: Wow uterus. Sorry for not getting you pregnant. No need to throw a temper tantrum.

im lazy and i know it....

That moment where you have so much crap to do you decide you're not going to do any of it. Story of my life.

my future wedding invitation. for sure.

unique favors

My wedding will have an open bar. In the words of a friend,"You're a bitch if you don't have an open bar at your wedding.