Knockout roses and hostas planted along fence >> This is so beautiful!

Hostas in a pot: every spring they return, in the pot! Add geraniums and ivy for a fuller look. @ Home Improvement Ideas

Daylilies and hostas! two hard to kill or in other words, easy to grow plants that make this bed look marvelous! And both plants multiply, too!

Astilbe lend a refined grace to perennial borders. Perfect for the shade garden along with Hostas and Ferns. Lush deeply cut foliage is attractive for the entire season and is colored from green to bronze. Effective anywhere with rich moist soil and partial shade. blooms early summer

Plant chives among roses to prevent black spot, drive away Japanese beetles, and provide aphids a more tempting source of food.

Hosta & fern path

Like the arborvitae, hosta, astilbe and low grow cover

for the back yard- plant lemon grass for privacy and to keep the mosquitos away

One of my favorite fall garden plants is the showy Clematis paniculata(C. terniflora). Not only does this beauty cover my old fence boards with hundreds of star shaped white blossoms, it also fills the late summer air with a sweet fragrance.

Shade Container Gardens | Hydrangea Blue Wave, Hosta Francee and Ivy, container gardening, color and texture in a container

"Knock Out" Rose Tree in the front yard.

Perfect white picket fence scene

Irregularly shaped beds in the corners of the backyard - choose 3-4 plants and vary throughout.

privacy fence edged with flowers and shrubs

Colors can be picked through plant foliage, and not just flower petals. Many plants such as grasses and vines are used in pots for the variety of their foliage and their unique forms.

native drought tolerant plants for your yard, gardening, landscape

Curved sidewalk in front of side entry garage. Love it; Christmas like trees, high low plans; then tree centerpiece with small shrubs

Hydrangeas and Hostas.. Along the fence in the back yard ...... Love!