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Harry Potter – Marauder’s Map Wallet Case For Apple iPhone 4 - 4s

Decorate your closet as the Marauder's Map.

i want this coffee mug

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Harry Potter, I need this, now.

harry potter


Lost Hogwarts Acceptance Letter...customizable with your information complete with your bedroom location in the house. Awesome, and cruel at the same time.

ThinkGeek :: Harry Potter House Unisex Lounge Pants

Make your own Marauder's Map (printable with folding instructions) :: cute!

The Marauders studying by Viria

Marauder's Map Mug! #harrypotter. It should be the other way. Mischief Managed should be when you are finished with you're drink, just like when you say that when you are finished with the map.

oh god, if only!

The Fantasy World Map #narnia #half-blood camp #percy jackson #never neverland #westeros #middle earth #hogwarts #wonderland #dreamlands #panem

Awesome. It starts out all black with "I solemnly swear..." and when you fill it with hot liquid, it turns white and says "mischief managed."

Deathly hallows cover

Hogwarts map

Marauder's crest.

WHY is this $35?! Want.