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  • Food Mafia

    9 classic spanish dishes

  • Michael Bradford

    There's one thing that most paella enthusiasts in Spain seem to agree on: that the sunny, fluffy yellow rice dish served at Spanish restaurants all over the world, the version topped with red peppers and loaded with everything from shrimp to chorizo to lobster, is not the real thing. Real Spanish paella, which is to say Valencia-style paella—the dish originated in that eastern coastal Spanish city—is an altogether darker, richer, smokier creation: denser than a pilaf, drier than a risotto, and arguably more satisfying than either. Keep reading »

  • Kyle Foo

    Seafood Paella

  • Allie

    A Taste of Spain: 9 Classic Dishes to Make at Home Paella - gaaahhh I miss Spanish food so much!

  • Sophia Weber

    What to Cook in August - Photo Gallery | SAVEUR

  • Ericia F

    Fisherman’s Paella (Paella a la Marinera)

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I've always wanted to try paella ever since I heard about it in ninth grade Spanish class.

PAELLA!!!probably one of my favorite dish. I think I have made over 20 different paellas, experimenting with different fishes, seafood, chorizo sausage, pork, chicken etc...With the right pan and a good quality Spanish saffron, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Spanish Lime/Genip/Quenepa (Melicoccus bijugatus). The Spanish Lime is a very close relative of the Lychee and Longan. The pulp is tart and melting, and it clings tenaciously to the seeds.

Churros con chocolate......this was my breakfast in Spain every morning :-)

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