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Trivia question: what job did both of these men have before stardom?


25 Famous Mysteries (That No One Realizes Were Solved)

25 Famous Mysteries (That No One Realizes Were Solved) |


15 Famous 'Paranormal' Photos (Explained by Science)

15 Famous 'Paranormal' Photos (Explained by Science) |

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19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

Brutally Honest Teacher Confession

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10 famous geniuses and their drugs of choice

Is intelligence related to an increased likelihood of recreational drug use? It’s an interesting hypothesis, and one that’s been gaining momentum in recent years. If a definitive link between intellectual capacity and drug use does exist, it will likely be some time before anyone establishes one. Having said that, this much is for certain: History has more than its fair …


Some of the dumbest things people say to teachers…

funny-teachers-crazy-things-answers. My personal favorite is the last question! A high school senior asked me that one time. Just once.

This is a neat list of things you can do with students that are not paying attention.

pickles and ketchups--On Fridays, place them on the board. Anyone who has turned in all of their assignments is a "pickle" so write their name under the pickle sign. Anyone who is missing an assignment has their name placed under the ketchup bottle. Pickles can "pick" a fun game or activity, while "ketchups" catch up on missing work. It is amazing how quickly assignments come in!

Smart Classroom Management: How To Talk To Parents Who Just Don't Care

A helpful guide #gramamrmatters