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The Popinator Will Launch Kernels Directly Into Your Mouth

I love this - Instead of doing polaroids (which don't always turn out that well and the photo paper is costly) have people take pictures on their phones and print out a copy to leave with the host/wedding party/etc

I don't drink coffee. I know how to use a frying pan and a stove w/o burning myself (mostly) or the house. But it's retro, it's blue, and you could wear an apron (with your dinofeet slippers, ohsurewhynot) and feel REALLY fancy about using it...

Brookstone - HDMI Pocket Projector. Projects up to 1080p HD images up to 60" diagonal. Rechargeable and portable $299

If you eat hot dogs frequently enough to justify the purchase of a hot dog toaster, I'd say you've got bigger problems. That said...I kiiiiiind of want one. (But let it be known: I still think it's ridiculous.) // "Hot dog toaster. Genius."