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    • πŸ’—LORIπŸ’—

      Some people keep pulling people from their past into their present life when they just need to MOVE ON & LET GO!!!

    • β“‚β“˜β“›β““β“© (β“‰β“”β“β“œβ’·β‘’)

      LOL after two years its not hard to Move on when what you think U had never existed! When are you going to Move on with your life!?..

    • Carolyn Densley

      If it ain't working...Keep on Truckin, There are millions of things to take it's place. Good Quote!

    • Elyse

      Inspirational Quotes !!!

    • Ashley Shesky

      move on! Ok I covered the baby, the wedding stuff and tats, not sure If I missed anything u whine about if I did let me know and I will be happy to clear that up for ya! Sorry to do this so early but last night I was pretty busy cuddled up watching movies with my sweetheart I don't want to be an bitch to u however it comes pretty natural to me, please stop and I wont have any problems with u or have anything to say, ur really not my top priority and I rather spend my time pinning things for my family than for u. I will try to help u out a bit, I have made another account that I can pin the things that actually r true or that do apply to me and u can't bug him about it I will continue to use this one some too I'm sure But i will try not to put anything On this one that may upset u or anyone else It's crazy I need to do that but when I'm stalked like a motherfucker on a site like this I don't mind. If anything is posted on this site I will certainly try to put it on the secret boards pinterest has so graciously provided because of people like u. ( which is so pathetic) i mean seriously u resorted to a hobby site lmao! That being said I hope u will finally see that I am not the one trying to stir shit up, it is definitely u however I have no problem dealing with it or justifying anything I do. If u need enlightened about anything else let me know and I will be happy to because u seem to not have a clue about me. Have a great day!

    • Ann Lauterback

      Words of wisdom

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