• Connie C

    I need to remember this some days, not because I'm mature, but because I need an excuse to be nice to certain people.........

  • Brenda centralNYscrapper

    and smile when you are being nice to make them wonder... Inspiration Quote Silent Sunday at Eisy Morgan

  • Cat Tolbie

    Thank you #WISDOM #Truth #words #lifelessons .... needed this after tonight :)

  • bree vickers

    True story. Tolerate alot of people to keep the peace.

  • Janet Gillie Sumney Edwards

    Mean people move in & out of our lives. Being nice is about having manners.

  • Tonia Messmer

    Boy that is the truth. Too bad people can't actually live by this!

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This is so me. I've been in love with the idea for such a long time. The real thing must be beyond exquisite and I just can't wait for the day I discover it.

What if...?

My wonderful children; sometimes make me look good! But can't take all the credit. ❤️❤️❤️

Love... when realization dawns.

Sister quotes - A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

among other things


Oh how I miss those childhood memories of neighborhood pool parties. It was never a fear of our swimming abilities as much as being drowned by a drunk neighbor being thrown onto those of us kids in the pool.

Building character!

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took years of being a doormat but I'd rather be a bitch, thanks.


If you make it through, somebody else is going to make it through. Tell your story. #inspiration #strength #quotes



Oh shoot... SO GOOD

... I would rather someone just not like me, than someone like me for someone I pretend to be. Cuz that's just stupidity. fake women quotes | life, quotes, sayings, fake, perfect, style, cool | Inspirational ...

I don't do the dumb girl thing where I don't ask questions and keep my head buried in the sand. I won't be played..

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You don't destroy people you love



Do the world a favor…

Hahahaha!!! Jennifer Lawrence