Funny thing is, direct tv doesn't show the walking dead..<<<<<---whoever wrote this is an idiot!! DISH doesn't show the walking dead...asshat... | See more about walking dead, tvs and dishes.

The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead Sounds about right

nice. verryy nice.

Walking Dead



The Walking Dead from Meme-Cap: The Walking Dead | E! Online

Show your love for the end of the world and those who struggle to survive in it with the Ringleader Archer Samurai Kid Walking Dead T-Shirt. Everyone has their favorite TWD character and there's a chance this shirt doesn't

Hahaha that's the only reason I hate Lori in TWD. I hated Shane all the time though and Rick is just the bloody best!


How Certain Substances Affected The Aging Process Of These Celebs.. Although, RDJ has to be fountain of youth.

The Walking Dead - Sophia's last walk.

The walking dead. I still need to watch some of these movies. Let's not forget ZOMBIELAND: Thewalkingdead, The Walking Dead, Movies, Funny Stuff, Movie Night, Humor, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombies

But where's Carl??


BAHAHAHA Toy Story reference


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Lol, at first I saw it as a bowtie then I look closer and it looks like a stick figures body