Colorful Scented Homemade Playdough!

Festive Scented Playdough

Autumn Sensory Playdough: naturally-scented and coloured playdough combined with Autumn treasures.

Invitation to Create-Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays

use letter stamps and playdough to word on creating words and spelling.

strawberry Valentine's playdough with hair conditioner: Strawberry play dough: 1/2 cup strawberry scented hair conditioner; 1 cup flour; 2 tsp oil; pink, red or burgundy food colouring.

Toddler Approved!: Alphabet Tunnel Play

Kids of all ages will have fun injecting these squishy castles with bright colors- great for fine motor, cognition, language, and SO MUCH FUN!!

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister inspired activity - using play dough and sequins to re-create the story

Lots of Malleable Ideas for Dough Gym Week from ABC Does (",)

play dough mats Make some homemade play dough mats for fun, creative ways to learn basic number and letter skills!

Number Play Dough Mats1

Combine playdough with toothpicks for construction fun. Working on finger dexterity and spatial awareness

Five Activities for Scissor Practice. Remember to add Rainbow Fish and add aluminum foil to cut

Christmas play dough recipe

Recipe: 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 2 tbsp's vegetable oil, 2 tbsp's cream of tarter, food colouring, glycerine to give a shine and 1.5 cups of boiling water! Mix when got, leave to cool and then knead until the right consistency!

Colorful paper leaves - apparently simple to make - would be a really neat Thanksgiving tree!

Super fun for those little fingers they fit perfectly for tracing!