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    Loved getting the sweet blue- green eggs from our Americana chickens.

    I guess daddy's can keep chicks warm too ♥

    Blue Splash Marans Hen

    Sussex Hens

    King of the hen house

    Different breeds of chickens and the eggs they lay!

    Mother hen

    Patterned Hen

    A friend's hens.

    Hen Adopts Ducklings

    Living garden art! The Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccle

    chicks under mom umbrella

    Orpington hen.

    Fiona on the nesting basket~~now that's a nest!


    Prettiest chicken photo ever. :) [I found two chicks (about as big as a large softball) in my yard three days ago. I'm calling them 'frick' and 'frack'. they are pretty dumb. sorry but they are. unless you pour the food over their heads they just don't get what it is. hope they stay safe until they are big enuf to fend for themselves. jh]

    Im sure my hens would prefer the privacy of a stuccoed archway nest box, but not sure Ill get around to skim coating the hen house anytime soon.

    Cool weather is on the way! #BackyardChickens www.FreeHenHouseP...

    Mama Hen & Chick

    Golden Laced Wyandotte.