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Peter O'toole

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  • Spencer Krier

    Robert Fitzgerald Hotalen. 9-11 tribute September 11, 2001 #NeverForget <3

  • Sarah Littrell

    Robert Fitzgerald Hotalen voted for Peter ONeill. This is his tribute to 9-11. May we never forget..

  • Donna McElveen

    Two Minutes of Silence 9/11- This piece was chosen as the cover for the 911 Memorial book.


    9 -11 Tribute - May We Never Forget

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I will never forget sitting on my sofa when suddenly the show I was watching was interrupted... I pretty much lived on that sofa for the next few days/nights... my heart still sinks when I think of what I saw and heard... NO, I WILL NEVER FORGET!

Never forget 9/11 - the horror cannot be explained or "therapist" helpful - it is something of great importance that we have to REMEMBER! And, what was the gov't doing on that day?

9/11 - NEVER FORGET (If the smoke plume were some kind of fluffy plant in a vase, this would be amazing, instead of deadly & heart-stopping.)

NYC- this is an odd photo, because the Statue of Liberty isn't nearly that close to those buildings. It's way across the Hudson River.

The Twin Towers before twisted, evil terrorists struck.

Rose at 9/11 Memorial by Dan Nguyen @ New York City, via Flickr

Never forget. I always loved my dad's patriotism. I thought I understood it. On 9/11/01 I felt patriotism as deeply as he did, and I knew I really understood it then, from the depths of my heart like him. I love you dad, I love America, and all who serve and did serve to protect my freedom.

9/11 Tribute in Light by Getty Images Employees - Apartment Rentals in New York with No Broker's Fee.