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This is literally the most terrible thing I've ever read, but if I'm having a bad day it puts everything into perspective.

REGRET: If regret had a face, it would be a little boy. A beautiful and smart one unable to smile, made of stone. If regret was a thing, it would be an expensive car. Desired by most men, with no wheels to match. ( more...)

The Actual Pastor: These are the lines of a story. A reminder of how we should view our forever changed bodies, as mothers. May my heart remember this every morning as I stand with my hair dryer, tempted to go down the mental path of disgust at the view in the mirror.

Free printable Road Letters. Use your child's love of cards to encourage him or her to learn the letters of the alphabet! This is a great tool for helping kids practice writing letters with the correct stroke order. || Gift of Curiosity