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    readysetjump95: time-in-the-saddle: horsesjumpingcourses: grand-prix: Okay so I haven’t done a product review in a little while, so here’s this. Brown Listerine. So if anyone has ever had to deal with bot fly eggs, fungus, rain rot, etc: say hello to your new Jesus.  My trainer told me about this little trick of the trade years ago, and ever since then, it’s all I use. Put this stuff in an empty spray bottle or pour some on a sponge, and rub it wherever the fungus/rot/bot fly eggs are. I mean when you think about it: listerine kills bacteria. What is fungus and rain rot? Bacteria. Gideon used to get fungus on the front of his back legs, normally from grazing in a paddock. I haven’t bought actually fungus remover in probably 4 years, thanks to this stuff. I use it as a part of our normal grooming routine- usually spray it on his legs, underbelly, and the top of his tail/butt, the normal places where fungus would grow. Ever since then, he hasn’t gotten fungus once.  The plus side to this stuff, you can literally buy it at any supermarket or convenience store, and it’s no more than like $8 for ½ a gallon of it.  I’d highly recommend trying it for any horse that gets reoccurring fungus or rain rot. Check out my Product Review tab for more tips and reviews about the products that I use. And you can use it to whiten up white spots on your horse! Has anyone ever tried this on sarcoids? Fungus is a fungi not a bacteria. Anti bacterials will keep a wound clean. Anti fungals will get rid of a fungus. Just wanted to clear that up. Please treat wounds accordingly :) Listerine had alcohol in it which is why it works so well with fungus. It dries it up and kills it. But this means that it also dries out the skin.No sure how common it is now but people used to rub Listerine down the front of jumpers legs because if they hit the bars it would sting. Now I fully support listerine for fly repellant and an excellent show sheen type. But you should dilute it. Now my favorite is coconut oil or baby oil and Listerine. (Coconut is less processed so it’s easier to absorb but useless in the winter since it’s solid at room temp ) just avoid the saddle area because it will make it slip. You can also part it with water if you don’t want oil. As for sarcoids, I’d personally avoid it. Look for something made for them. Alcohol will make then dry painful. I’d have to do more research about them because I haven’t really dealt with them. Alright, so a few days ago I bought some of this and poured it into a spray bottle with some water to use on bot fly eggs.  It didn’t work.  Sprayed it onto Gambler’s legs (where the eggs are the worst) and waited a few minutes.  The eggs didn’t come off at all.  Tried many different ways with the stuff and it still didn’t come off.  This stuff does not work on bot fly eggs.

    Brown Listerine. So if anyone has ever had to deal with bot fly eggs, fungus, rain rot,...

    Brown Listerine. So if anyone has ever had to deal with bot fly eggs, fungus, rain rot,...

    very true

    I don't want to think about that day :(

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    Cute little thing. I've had two cats in my life who looked like this when they were kittens: Wilbur and Nick. I miss them.

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    I found this entirely too funny.

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    I want this bit for my horse :)

    save your old deworming syringes, wash them out thoroughly and fill them with applesause and give to your horse as a treat. After awhile, your horse will no longer fight the dreaded white tube being in his mouth.

    One Day!

    "All horses deserve, at least once in their life, to be loved by a little girl."


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