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Don't love the first one, but the rest are interesting. I want to test them all out! I'm going to smile tomorrow morning

Every time I see a math problem…I swear it's like a foreign language to me!

Math... Grow up & solve your own problems

this right here? changed my life. i bet a third of my headaches are cured by doing this.

Quadratic equation, ain't got time for that!

Haha- math-word-problems- No wonder I had such trouble with them :-))

This is so me. Even though I'm great at math!

Ugh so Mr. Jacoby gives me this really hard math problem and says, "This is so easy." And like... I'm just... This is exhausting, you know, like me and math are never getting back together. Like ever.

Even I'm good at math and I hate those words it's like, am I supposed to remove my brain from my head using mouse practice and hand it in with my work!?

Can't even count the number of times I've done this :)