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Nothing beats that early Saturday Morning feeling with some cool tunes and some hot coffee. Not as epic as when we were young, but we take what we can get sometimes. Happy Saturday. daily-posts

Funny pictures about Coffee Owls. Oh, and cool pics about Coffee Owls. Also, Coffee Owls.

Walking on water... - The Meta Picture

Walking on water…

dog running feet off ground doesn't want to get feet wet, look at me Im JesusIng Jesus Ing, Jesus did walk on water, laughed so hard lol!

Better than leaving the carseat with the baby on top of a picnic table at the park thinking you had everything after doing the "Mommy Triple Check". Granted, I also had an 18 month old, just moved across 5 states and it was 102 degrees outside. And no sleep for two months. That about covers it.

Baby in the dog crate. Dog in the baby's carseat. You need more than coffee.

Señora Hahn's Spanish Class: Pinterest Successes and Pinterest Fails

before and after coffee funny quotes quote coffee lol funny quote funny quotes owl humor coffee quotes

That look of joy

This dog's face is so cute and hilarious I had to pin it! It's how I feel, too, when someone plays with my hair.

Sad owl :(

Funny pictures about Sad little owl. Oh, and cool pics about Sad little owl. Also, Sad little owl.


14 Things You Didn't Even Realize You Stopped Doing

04)-12 Dogs Who Can't Handle Birthdays | 4 | - Three Million Dogs. "What is this black magic?!"

Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire! cute birthday pug, not so cute face!