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Putting shirts in vertically rather than stacked on top of each other, so you can see what clothes are in the drawer.

Another Idea For Old Drawers into Storage

Wish I would have known earlier! Amazingly easy trick to caulking!

How To Fold, Organize, & Find Clothes Quickly In a Drawer

from another pinner: "I just did this and it WORKS! Not once did it skip!!! And it was a bad DVD before hand."

How to organize your dresser drawers and fold clothes

31 Clothing Tips Everyone Should Know--Folding and organizing t-shirts

Have your kids help you organize their drawers. Get your kids organized project - four generations one roof

Use wooden shelf brackets to keep stacks of shirts, folded linens, and other closet items from toppling into disarray.

How To Fold T-Shirts: Simple Trick For Organizing Your Shirt Drawer Check site for other organizational tips.

how to fold the pain-in-the-butt sheets

Cut the cover of a puzzle box and store it with the pieces in a ziploc bag. Because the boxes inevitably break apart.

Darkroom and Dearly: {diy: how to organize your cords and cables}

Keep your garbage bag from slipping by attaching a couple 3M command hooks to the side of your trash can. Problem solved!


I can't stand the fact that there is an inappropriate use of an apostrophe here but it is a good idea.

Store sheet sets in their own pillowcases. Duh!


Fold the shirts so the design faces is on the "pretty" fold. How to fold t-shirts to make them more organized and easy to see.

Learn how a few items from the local Dollar Store can change your bathroom drawer organization into a work of art!