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biking is simplicity!

Simplicity Is The Key To Successful Living. This might be true. I wouldn't know. But I do think that the blue/red/bike/stripes combo might be the key to successful living.

Go Green! Via the Climate Action facebook page.

The use of green here is to portray nature and promote being echo friendly through bike riding. Again here we see green related to nature and promoting a eco-friendly message.

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positive negative space Bike contour drawings grade Variety of subjects to choose from 4 small different areas of focus


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Bike parts bike

How awesome is this bicycle typogram by Aaron Kuehn ? I wish I could ride it around!

That park has the softest grass in town and is a pleasure to do cartwheels and forward rolls in (while avoiding any piles of goose and duck droppings left there by the local bird population). Description from theunderground.nl. I searched for this on bing.com/images

seems like my life is also missing a red picnic basket and a vintage bike, lol .