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  • Susana González de Sánchez

    Ja! He loves mythbusters but greatly dislikes the muppets, but this is so true

  • Susannah Z

    Accident prone, red hair, mad science.

  • Super Girl Ezzie

    Aww cute I love the muppets and these funny creatures star in them!

  • Jadi Verdin

    demotivational poster MYTHBUSTERS

  • Pat Guyton

    Like the "Max and Ruby" books, the Sesame Street characters and the Muppets, take me back to moments shared with my kids when they were small. Together we laughed ourselves silly over Beaker and Bunsen, and later they became part of a collection of shared memories we would refer back to.

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For True Love…this just really makes me smile!

There is a reason why I love his career

  • Stephen Green

    The article about his friendship with Christipher Reeves is really inspiring. I really liked him as an actor but didn't realize how much of a human being he really was. We would all do well to look at his life outside of acting as well. Even though he is not with us anymore physically, there is a sense of humility I will not soon forget. I appreciate people that make a difference in the world.It offsets the bad things that happen and inspires change in others.

This is very good. Both funny and lovely. It would make a great greeting card for someone you love.

This brings tears in my eye, touching....

  • Steph C

    My nana had this, it was the worst possible obstacle I've ever faced. Watching her deteriorate, but the day before she died she smiled at me and held my hand. It was amazing cuz she was in a stroke vegetated state. With her mouth wide open and her body stiff.

  • Cheyenne Navajo

    Yes I know what you mean; it,s something you never will forget isn,t it?

After some convincing, Kermit & Piggy have left the beach. They have also decided to dress up for tonight...

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Lol gotta love those muppets :D

A great Christmas gift would be to print this off and put it on a magnet for me so I can keep it at work and use it with my students!!!!

Awwkkwaarrdd.WAYNES WORLD <:

The Real Reason Lori Had to Die --- OMG, This is hilarious!!! I never realized Rick was in Love Actually! HA! :)

This is the love I want

Story of my life!

This is needed on this board. Because this is how I feel whenever I express my opinion. But I don't have the intention of starting crap.