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I don't know what's up with the grammar of this post, but nevertheless, it is a wonderful checklist of life.

An Econ Teacher Gave His Senior High School Students His Personal List Of Wisest Words?ref=pinp nn An econ teacher gave his senior high school students his personal list of wisest words

Pitch Perfect - I loved this movie!  Could have done without the numerous puke scenes, but this scene was hilarious lol

Bumper - I have a feeling we should kiss Fat Amy - I sometimes have the feeling I can do crystal meth. But then I think "mmm, better not" Pitch Perfect

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things to do when you are sad- The anime and pokemon stuff is stupid and doesn't apply, but the Bob Dylan and cupcake ones are pretty spot on

This is very true. Don't be afraid to show your inner beauty.

When will I learn that he truly doesn't care? That he never did. I was something he wanted and couldn't have. Now I live everyday thinking about him, and he gives me not a thought.

New Order

Concert poster for New Order at The First Bank Center in Broomfield, CO in 11 x 17 inches on card stock.

Mhm. And especially not the one that goes around fucking everyone's husband. Have some class.

I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least i'm not the girl that everyone's had - It's been my motto for years :)

Exactly.. Or I have nothing nice to say.. and if I did speak,, everyone would hate me.. lol

This is so me.falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

Pitch Perfect: Fat Amy quote

Pitch Perfect - LMFAO this was my favorite Fat Amy Scene!"Whoop there it is" xD