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    • Trace Pezzali

      Goldfish care, fancy goldfish goldfish diseases, guide, Many historians believe goldfish were the first fish to be raised as pets and date back to 800 ad in china. Description from I searched for this on

    • Pets in Portrait

      Pets in Portrait paint beautiful detailed oil paintings by Custom Animal Artists that capture the subtle characteristics of the pet you love. Pet Portraits are painted from the photos you provide.

    • Dawn Ritts Labine

      The belief that goldfish have a memory span of only three seconds is among a series of myths which have been exposed by the animal charity the PDSA.

    • Tambra Willis

      Goldfish do not have three second memories in list of animal myths... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring animals, fish, fillers, backgrounds and orange

    • ellianna brown

      Gold fish: Goldfish do not have three second memories in list of animal myths exposed.. Just learned that when I got mini goldfish. They'll grow, but right now they r adorable

    • Jacqueline Samm

      T 15.4.15 - Gold fish: Goldfish do not have three second memories in list of animal myths exposed

    • Rachel Schafer

      Finley's pet goldfish... Haven't decided on a name for it yet. I'm thinking maybe Kitty??? Idk.

    • Made with love

      Goldfish...blubblubblub.. The gold fish brings good luck in the form of tranquility, wisdom and long life. It is one among the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha where they represent fertility, abundance and harmony with the flow of life. Ancient Greeks believed goldfish enhanced good luck in marriage and relationships. In ancient Egypt goldfish were kept in the house as a lucky omen for the family and helped cheer up domestic situations.

    • Melissa Henri

      Cute fantail goldfish.

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    This represents the goldfish incident with Sheila and the pencil.

    fish are a great first pet, little care is needed, but fish are beautiful decorations to your home. try experimenting with different plants, fish species and colors in your fish tank.



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    goldie I love the movement in goldfish pictures

    An albino baby turtle swims with green sea turtle babies in a pond at Khram island, near Pattaya, Thailand.

    what a pretty betta

    Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food /

    "Namiko" Japanese Fighting Fish Figurine by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    A self cleaning + self feeding fish tank! #product_design

    Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a saltwater fish species, in the surgeonfish family. Adult fish can grow to 7.9 inches in length, and 0.39–0.79 inches in thickness. Adult males tend to be larger than females. All individuals of this species are bright daffodil yellow in color. At night, the yellow coloring fades slightly and a prominent brownish patch develops in the middle with a horizontal white band. They rapidly resume their bright yellow color with daylight. ~ Bubbles


    On her first day, Sheila gauges the eyes out of the goldfish in the classroom.

    Ryukin. photo by Osamu Yamazaki.

    Mandarinfish ~

    Chakin. photo by Osamu Yamazaki.

    The humpback anglerfish or common black devil, Melanocetus johnsonii, is a deep-sea anglerfish in the family Melanocetidae, found in tropical to temperate parts of all oceans at depths of up to 2,000 meters (6,600 feet). Its length is up to 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) for males and up to 20 centimeters (8 inches) for females.