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    • Princess Maya

      21 Things you should know about using #essentialoils. This is one of the best break downs of "essential oils" I have seen. I would also have to add to the getting started list - Geranium oil - especially to help with menstrual and menopausal issues for women.

    • Jaurele Roberts

      Cool application charts for Essential Oil uses.

    • Emily Paben

      "home apothecary vol. 3 Melaleuca or tea tree oil (it's one & the same) is one of the most used oils in our house. It is the first thing I put on a wound to prevent infection. Whenever I feel a cold sore developing, I put a dab on and it stops it from progressing. It will kill Athlete's Foot. Gargling with a few drops in water helps heal mouth sores or sore throats."

    • Susanna Spell

      Dr. Mom To The Rescue~ Part 3: Essential Oils In The Home (and some helpful resources)

    • Mildred Nieves

      Emergency Essential Oils + Application Charts! BE PREPARED! Important note: It's important to note here that doTERRA's essential oils will most likely outlive you and I. There is no shelf life for pure plant essence!

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