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[gathered.] Week 3   A Nest for All Seasons
Little Wire Bird Nests    Use 24 gauge wire, (brass, silver tone or sterling silver) and little cultured pearls or pearly-looking beads.   Thread the beads onto the wire.  Turn, bend the wire around the beads threading back through itself here and there. The more kinks the better. You can wrap bands of wire tightly around gathered rings of the nests for additional reinforcement - a good idea when making nests for jewelry.
Let’s face it: decisions are difficult. When it comes to decorating, it can make the best of us come to a standstill. Knowing you have to (literally) live with the choices you make can be intimidating. Thankfully, there are chic solutions that you can easily switch upon a whim, making decor one less decision to [...]
GREAT ideas- every letter, number, skill, age, etc all organized by its base concept, like "letter a" or "nursery rhymes."  The ideas aren't especially amazing, but they are all gathered together in one place and I really love how it is organized, it goes right along with my thinking.
Cool Fall hurricane using items from the Dollar Store!
20 KEEPSAKE ORNAMENTS kids can make. Fun and festive ornaments that will be cherished forever.
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(Toves Sammensurium = Farm Food and Fashion by Anne Marie Klaske) #thelivinghome #waldorfish
Pattern: Matryoshka Dolls - Sew Daily
I keep finding stuff like this and all I can think is that it reminds me of Bucky and the winter soldier and all those hurtful memories