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Take your toddler’s hand and draw an outline on some paper. Cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut out handprints in different colored felt. Now put the handprints all over the floor, couch, table and ask your toddler to find the “green” handprint and give it a hi-five! This is also a great activity for a group of toddlers!

Color Matching Board. Cut out rectangles from different colored cardstock. Then cut a circle from the middle. Have them match the colors. Could use paint chips too!

This word building activity travel kit is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers for road trips and long car rides and you can customize it with sight words, color words, word families, or whatever your child is currently learning. Great for a summer learning activity.

from Lamberts Lately

Ten (Quick and Easy) Toddler Lunch Ideas

Have a little one starting pre-school this year? Add some variety with these toddler lunch ideas from @leslieflambert

Simple pasta threading activity for toddlers to do using play dough and straws. Great for fine motor development and hand/eye coordination. Lots of fun too.