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Jaw Breakers...a part of the 1970s movie experience....right along with a giant pickle!

Candy Sticks - These were a childhood favorite.

1955 Brachs Candy Ad,these were real chocolate, and so good!

Brach's Assorted Halloween Mellowcremes. The ones with the chocolate bats and maple haystacks are best!

Brach's Jelly Nougats Candy. No kid I knew liked these things...they were sort of a kids version of The Holiday Fruitcake ;)-

Brach's Royals... ahh yes, I remember these!

Brach's Candy Fruit Jelly Slices - loved the grape as a kid and I don't see that flavor anymore!!!

Brachs Candy pumpkins!!! My fall time weakness!

Mom used to bring home a white paper bag of these and others. I think it was called PICK-A-MIX.

Brach's candy mother was never this happy when we were grocery shopping.

Brings back memories of my neighbor when I was little. His name was Rufus Arnold and his business was candy. He had a panel van and the inside was like a candy story. Once in a while he would let us see inside and pick out a treat. She smell was amazing!