DIY Fabric bows. Super cute for wrapping Christmas gifts!

Easy & Gorgeous Bows: For the Love.: I {heart} gift wrap guest post: DIY burlap gift bows

Easy Traditional Bows - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows

Embellish Her Hair With These 30 Adorable And Affordable DIY Hair Bows!

And newspapers: | 24 Cute And Incredibly Useful Gift Wrap DIYs

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DIY: Felt bows add a special touch to gifts.  I wonder if cotton (doubled and stitched together maybe?) would do the same thing.  I'd just have to make the fabric stiff enough to hold the shape.  Would be so pretty wrapped in brown paper.

Tutorial: Felt Bow Tree Ornaments Step by ttep instructions on how to make your own felt bows. Great for topping presnets and hanging on the tree.

DIY: paper spike bow

ArtMind: Guest post: Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow diy-and-gifts

DIY fabric flower using wired ribbon, and no sewing machine

Make flowers from fabric or ribbon with these fabric flower instructions. Ribbon flower pins are the perfect embellishment for any accessory. Pin comes from Fave Sewing website.

DIY How To Make Hair Bows DIY Hair Accessories DIY Hair Clips DIY Barrettes

how to make a hair bow! ugh can someone teach me how to make a bow like seriously i want to buy lilly fabric and make bows and sell them

animal bows for presents!

Animal bows for presents! I WILL figure these out! And watch out when I do because y'all are getting animal bows for every occassion!

DIY cutest bows in town

DIY Bows - I'm thinking this would be a cute bow tie for my little guys if I add the adjustable strap.

Create and Delegate: Tutorial: Shabby Fabric Roses

Create and Delegate: Tutorial: Shabby Fabric Roses use to embellish pillows, for hair accessories.Pic only - no link

This wrap and bow were created using extra bits of paper; no ribbons or costly trimmings are necessary. The following instructions are for the box dimensions shown: 6-by-4 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch.

Gift Wrapping: Floppy Bow

of 23 > Make Bows from Leftover Paper Make oversized, elegant bows using extra bits of paper; no ribbons or costly trimmings are necessary. How to Make the Floppy Bows

homemade wrapping...stamped with an ink pad and pencil eraser. so cute!

Brown kraft paper for wrapping, stamped with white stamp pad and rubber eraser end of a pencil

Tutorial on how to make the perfect fancy bow.

How to Make a Christmas Bow

Have you ever gotten a gift so nicely wrapped with that amazing bow attached to the front that you don't want to open because it's so pretty? With the help of these instructions you can make your own fancy Christmas bows that people will adore!

Click Here  to see the tutorial on how to make this bow.

"Fabric bows and more - a go-to-site for fabric bow tutorials." I can't even wrap a gift, I bet I'm setting myself up for an F in this tutorial.